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Job Seekers – What Makes You Stand Out?

Too often in life we pass up opportunities to bring to the table the qualities that could help us be successful in what we pursue.

To make yourself shine in the best way, why not have a think about what appeal you have and what you can bring to the job or company that you apply to for work with?

It only takes a moment to realise that your self-worth is much higher than you probably give yourself credit for, so begin by doing something positive today. Start simple by perhaps writing a list of good traits you possess that can help you on your way.

If you ask yourself what these attributes could be and try to make them relevant to the career choice then it will work nicely. For example, if you have been on a customer care course before and have those skills why not put that down as a point to convey?

Equally, if you know that you live very close to the office of a company that you wish to work for and will therefore be able to get to work promptly every day due to this factor, then what have you got to lose in declaring this? It could set you apart to be bold and make statements that make you different to others that apply.

You may not believe at first that you could be the ideal candidate that an employer wants to represent their business, but highlighting these extra skills and pieces of additional information can only be a good thing. You will end up being more noticeable and stand out, which could be key in becoming memorable.

I cannot recommend highly enough that you give the above points some consideration. You are the best person to sell yourself to others and it really does help. Give it a go today and see how you get on!
Louise Wright.

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