About Hire Reward Industry Jobs

About industry jobs

The Hire and Reward Industry is one that provides publicly and privately booked Taxi services in the U.K. and these services are provided via Licensed Minicabs and Chauffeurs (Private Hire Vehicles) as well as via Taxis.

Many Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Operators also run Courier Services ‘in house’ or have a dedicated Courier Company they either work with or brand alongside their service.  The Courier Industry is therefore inextricably linked to the Taxi sector and why we have included it under the Hire Reward Jobs umbrella.

People often wrongly presume that the only jobs in the Taxi, Private Hire and Courier Industry are driving jobs but they couldn’t be more wrong.  Of course there is always a great demand for good drivers but there is a wealth of other jobs and career opportunities in the Hire and Reward Sector.

We know there are over a quarter of a million taxi industry driving jobs in England and Wales alone, but for every four driving jobs there is one office or operating centre based job, varying from part-time telephonist to C.E.O.  There are also hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Courier sector, which continues to grow like the Taxi & Private Hire Sector.

Many of the jobs are ideally suited for local employees with local knowledge and unless you are in the most rural areas, there is an industry based job near to you, in some cases there are even vacancies for home workers.
Here is a short list to give some idea of typically office based jobs in the sector –  telephonist, despatcher, fleet management, credit control, accounting, purchase & bought ledger, quality control, licensing administration and training – to name a few!

As well as office based jobs, there are ancillary jobs like school run escorts, electronic equipment installers, vehicle maintenance, operating centre maintenance and cleaning for example.

As a ‘24/7’ Industry there is also a wide range of working profiles – full-time, part-time, employed, self-employed, morning, afternoon, day, evening and overnight vacancies with some jobs being particularly suited to disabled staff and even semi-retired people looking to supplement their pensions.

Many people enter the industry as a temporary measure and end up staying for life.  Some start as drivers and quite a few have ended up owning a business and the industry boasts many ex-drivers and staff who are now millionaires.

There is an absolutely unique set of career opportunities for hard working, motivated individuals who can work in an industry that relies on team effort to deliver its services.  The HireRewardJobs website is being developed around the industry’s ever increasing need for key people and as it grows will become the best recruitment forum for it.

Steve Wright MBE – Chairman of the Licensed Private Hire Car Association.